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What is a Monster Bike?

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A group of passionate cycling instructors who want to share our love for cycling. Our events are all about showing people how much fun they can have on a bike.

It’s a joint initiative from community interest company, CyclingAge, and Cycle Circle. Both companies are based in Kent and committed to helping local people and businesses get the most out of cycling.

There are so many reasons why a Monster Bike Event is right for you. It could be that you want to have an enjoyable day of outdoor fun and challenges. Or that you want your organisation to become greener by helping people rediscover the joy of cycling. Or just reminding people that cycling is one of the most pleasurable outdoor pursuits there is, and it’s suitable for all ages. We’ve held events for businesses, councils, charities, schools and universities across Kent. Talk to us and we can plan an event that’s right for you. Just Roar For More.

Anywhere in Kent! (and maybe further afield if you want)


Everyone from major retailers to global businesses, charities, local councils, schools, universities, hospitals and sports trusts. See a list of some of our customers here 

It really depends on what kind of day you have in mind – we have a range of packages or we can create a tailor-made event to suit your needs and budget. Find out more here 

The Monster Bike Events Bike Lab started life as a decontamination unit. We needed a way to transport our seven-seater monster bike (see below for details) to events so we bought and modified this large metal unit. And then, looking at the monster-sized space we now had, we thought it would be perfect for a workshop for people to wheel in their bikes for check-ups and maintenance. A few fitted lights, power sockets and workbenches later, the Monster Bike Events bike lab was born. Come and see it for yourself at our next event – with its size and eye-catching graphics, it’s hard to miss!

The legend of the monster bike goes something like this. The artist, Eric Staller, designed and created a bicycle for seven which he called a conference bike. At one of our school events, the children took one look at it and decided it was THE MONSTER BIKE. The name stuck and the monster bike has since been the star attraction at our events ever since. Meanwhile, the artist, Eric, has gone on to create more amazing and unique inventions artworks across the world and is now based in LA.

The bike itself has seven seats around a central steering wheel, with ten pedals controlling the three wheels. It’s a feat of engineering and a whole lot of fun to ride.

A cycle circus is a chance for you to try out our collection of the weirdest and most wonderful bicycles around. There are clown bikes to enjoy a game of Clown Bike Limbo (yes, limbo on a bike), gliders (unicycles with training wheels) which will soon have you performing tricks and completing obstacle courses, and our wonky cycle which has the steering the wrong way round, making it fiendishly difficult and full of fun to ride.

Our newest addition to the cycle circus is our batch of cyco cycles – three wheel trikes that you steer with your body and can ride in a number of different ways to perform fantastic tricks.

It’s your chance to ride a whole range of bikes to have fun, enjoy a ride and see which type of bike is right for you. We make sure each bike you try is adjusted and comfortable for you, then away you go! What better way to rediscover the joy of cycling?

Yes, of course. We have a comprehensible combined policy with public liability of up to £5 million.

It depends on what kind of event you’re after but it’s good to have a decent-sized area with a hard surface, especially as our bike lab is quite big. Car parks and school playgrounds are ideal. Talk to us and we can give you a better idea of the space you’ll need for your event. Just Roar For More

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